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Frequently Asked Questions

What Metals Do You Use?

I am very proud to offer 18 carat Fairtrade gold and 100% recycled silver designs under my Luing Smith banner, although other Fairtrade and recycled metals are available on a commission basis.

As a Fairtrade gold licensee I report quarterly to the Fairtrade foundation on my Fairtrade sales.  I pay a Fairtrade premium on the metal I purchase and a quarterly licence fee.

My Fairtrade gold pieces are hallmarked with the recognisable Fairtrade gold mark, alongside my initials (FL), the metal and fineness mark, the date mark and the Edinburgh town mark.  A comprehensive record of your jewellery's beginnings.

Silver Luing Smith pieces are made from 100% recycled silver which is made using scrap jewellery and silver recycled from the medical, electronics and giftware industries. I have various trusted suppliers of this metal including Cookson gold and Vipa Designs.


Where Do You Source Your Gemstones From?

I am lucky to have found a trusted network of stone suppliers who sell responsibly sourced fully traceable gemstones.  If you are looking for a particular stone as part of a commission, do get in touch and I will find you some options with information about their origins.


How Do I Care For My Jewellery?

Avoid wearing your jewellery while sleeping, exercising or in water.  This may sound obvious, but better safe than sorry! 

Do not apply toiletries such as scents or lotions in the area that the jewellery will be worn or while wearing the jewellery as this can cause a reaction or build-up on the jewellery surface.

Storing your jeweller in it's original boxes when not being worn will help protect your jewellery from damage.

Your jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed.  If you feel that your jewellery needs a service or re-finishing service further down the line, do get in touch for an appointment.  


How Do I Clean My Jewellery?

For pieces made from metal alone, you can't go wrong with a very soft toothbrush and some hot soapy water. 

Alternatively you can use a polishing cloth, available from most jewellers and large kitchen supplies departments, although this will polish up a matte finish over time.

For items with a matte texture or delicate stones, jewellery cleansing foam is good for gently removing dirt. This should be applied for no longer than 30 seconds, then thoroughly rinsed off and your jewellery thoroughly dried.